Unit 3 Films began life in 2012. We have learned a great deal since those early days. We treat every job with the same amount of conviction, dedication, passion and enthusiasm as the next and we love getting stuck in to a new project. We can handle all aspects of film making in house, including filming, direction, scripting, editing, colour grading, sound composition and design. 

At Unit 3 Films we specialise in 'run and gun' documentary and aim to cover a wide variety of subjects. We strive to help tell stories that focus on current issues effecting communities and that demand to be seen and heard. 

We originally started out producing music videos and they still remain a big passion of ours. We see them as a vehicle for experimentation and creativity and that ultimately informs our other work. Previous clients include Virgin Records, Invada Records, BMG, Infectious Music, Late Night Tales and Club AC30.

We also produced commercials and EPK for feature film. Recent EPK jobs include the soon to be released British film Access All Areas, a drama about the British festival experience. 

We shoot on a wide range of Movie & DSLR cameras. Nikon, Canon, Black Magic Design, Sony, Panasonic & DJI. We also fly drones. For editing we use Final Cut Pro X and Premiere, and we grade with Davinci Resolve using Tangent controls. Although we believe the technicalities and craft of film making are important, above all we believe content is king and rules are there to be broken…

Our first feature length documentary A River made the official selection at the East End Film Festival. We also presented the film at Westminster and the Senedd in Cardiff, delivering the community of the Afan Valley's story into the heart of British and Welsh politics.  

We are currently working on a documentary called I Am Hunger. The film is an insight into food poverty in the UK and covers some of the amazing work independent charities carry out helping the homeless and vulnerable on a daily basis.

Another film soon to be released is Exist by CUTS. The 40 minute experimental music film features narration by graphic novelist Alan Moore.


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A River

A River was shot over a year period on DSLR's. Michael Sheen was fantastic to work with. The film is about the river Afan which runs into the sea by his home town of Port Talbot. After years of pollution the river now finds itself with a clean bill of health. The river has a new threat of pollution with the Fracking Industry moving into the valley. The local community are opposed to it and the film is about their struggle. We were very fortunate to have Robert Del Naja & Euan Dickinson provide us with such a perfect soundtrack. The film owes a lot to it. The film made the official selection at the 2016 East End Film Festival and was screened at Westminster & The Senedd. The film was also selected for Hidden Civil War, a month long festival in Newcastle.

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THE Dark outside

The Dark Outside is a 24 hour art instillation which is held in the middle of the Galloway Dark Skies Park in Dumfries. Sound curator Frenchbloke broadcasts a 24 hour radio broadcast of unheard sound from the Murray monument deep inside the forest. All the music submitted are tracks that have never been released or heard before. After the broadcast all the music is deleted. The only way to hear it, is to travel into the forest with a torch and a transistor radio. Film score composers Geoff Barrow & Ben Salisbury AKA Drokk, drove from Bristol all the way to Scotland to play a specially prepared piece of music as part of the event. We joined them on their journey and filmed the entire trip.  

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Ritual Spirit is the title track from the brilliant Ritual Spirit EP by Massive Attack. The song features the wonderful voice of collaborator Azekel. Ritual Spirit was directed by Medium and 3D from Massive Attack and stars Kate Moss. In a press release 3D said: Me and Kate have been friends for years, but had never collaborated, so last year we booked a studio with Medium and set up a shoot. During the session Kate was dancing in the dark, lighting herself with a naked bulb. She perfectly captured the essence of this track… intimate and ritualistic. We edited it back in Bristol to keep it raw with no re-touching, I didn't want to lose the spirit of that moment. Ritual Spirit was edited and graded at Unit 3 with no retouching to the raw footage. 

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Body Parts features the remarkable work by Sculptor Duncan Elliott. Duncan's Sculpture is assembled from un-carved found rock raised by orogeny and exposed by nature's natural erosion. Duncan uses limestone because it responds to the natural form it takes. He takes stone and recreates it in the simplest way, as though restoring the work of an undiscovered civilisation, connecting and allowing the original shape of the stone to express itself. Body Parts was originally shot as a music film for AV project CUTS. Amazed by Duncan's work and process, we felt it needed and necessary to also bring his story onto film. Body Parts was directed, shot, edited and scored at Unit 3.  



Exist is an experimental musical feature that includes narration by graphic novelist Alan Moore. Exist is by CUTS, Anthony's AV project. Inspired by a poem by horror writer H.P. Lovecraft, Exist is a 40 minute existential journey into nowhere, exploring night terrors and sleep paralysis. Exist stars a collection of friends, children and collaborators as the actors, including dancer and long time collaborator DB Porter.